Let’s Create Better Education Together

                                       As everyone knows, our Myanmar Country is a country which is trying to develop as the developed countries. Our Government is also trying hard to develop in every sectors. Among of them, education sector is also included in the main role.

            To develop our country, not only the Government but also each citizen must try by oneself as much as we can. There are some sectors only Government can try to develop and the citizens cannot involve. But we, the citizens can involve in the education sector to develop.

Now, I want to tell about the ways to improve in education that I researched. Most of the students in our Country learn only the lessons as the teachers teach. When they reach home, they study the lessons that taught at schools. But they weak in learning the extra facts that related with the school lessons topics. The students in other foreign countries learn more about the topics that taught at school by reading related books, searching on the websites and google. They prefer self-studying. Nowadays, online learning is very advantageous and gives many information. If Myanmar students also learn the lessons like that way, they can also do well. But at the high schools in our country, the computer basic course is not taught. So, the students do not know how to learn online. In most high schools, English language is taught but not all four skills. Only reading and writing skills are taught. So, the students do not proficient in English well. Therefore, they have no thoughts to learn online. They have never been thought about that. So, if the computer basic course and English four skills will be taught in high schools, the students’ skills will be improved and a lot of outstanding students will appear.

Moreover, most Myanmar students weak in learning by schedule. Some students do but very few. Learning by drawing time schedule is very advantageous and finish the lessons in time. Therefore, the parents and the teachers should compel the students to learn by drawing schedule.

Mostly, the own time of matriculation students are full with tuitions and guide teachers. They don’t have their own study time. This is the wrong way. They need their own study time. If they get more time to study themselves, they remember the lessons more. Moreover, if they have their own time, they can study the subject they want to. For example, if the tuition teachers and guide teachers compel to study Chemistry, but the student want to study Biology. Like that, students get in trouble. Therefore, students should have their own study time.

            In addition, parents also have to change their minds. Most Myanmar parents compel the students as they wish. After students passed matriculation examination, most parents of Myanmar students compel their sons (or) daughters to attend the major as the parents’ wishes. For example, if the son (or) daughter gets high marks in matriculation examination, they compel their children to attend the medicine or engineering. Most of Myanmar parents don’t ask their children’s ambition and what they want to attend. Some students get high marks but they don’t want to attend the high majors, they may want to attend musical major or dancing, so on. If the youths attend the major as they wish, they will be happy to do that work and they will be outstanding in their majors. So, this is the important part in education nowadays. Please ask your children’s dream and help to fulfill their dreams. 

            In conclusion, these are my opinions and advices that our citizens can try to change to develop in education sector. If we all try and the Government also provides the needs, the education sector will be perfect. But it will take time to change a thing. So, be patient. And Don’t covet the dignity. Please pay attention to your children’s dream. Also the youths must try hard in education. Please aim your goal. So, let’s try together to develop in education.

Author - Khine Thu Thu Zin