Let’s Create Better Education Together

                                       As everyone knows, our Myanmar Country is a country which is trying to develop as the developed countries. Our Government is also trying hard to develop in every sectors. Among of them, education sector is also included in the main role.

            To develop our country, not only the Government but also each citizen must try by oneself as much as we can. There are some sectors only Government can try to develop and the citizens cannot involve. But we, the citizens can involve in the education sector to develop.

Now, I want to tell about the ways to improve in education that I researched. Most of the students in our Country learn only the lessons as the teachers teach. When they reach home, they study the lessons that taught at schools. But they weak in learning the extra facts that related with the school lessons topics. The students in other foreign countries learn more about the topics that taught at school by reading related books, searching on the websites and google. They prefer self-studying. Nowadays, online learning is very advantageous and gives many information. If Myanmar students also learn the lessons like that way, they can also do well. But at the high schools in our country, the computer basic course is not taught. So, the students do not know how to learn online. In most high schools, English language is taught but not all four skills. Only reading and writing skills are taught. So, the students do not proficient in English well. Therefore, they have no thoughts to learn online. They have never been thought about that. So, if the computer basic course and English four skills will be taught in high schools, the students’ skills will be improved and a lot of outstanding students will appear.

Moreover, most Myanmar students weak in learning by schedule. Some students do but very few. Learning by drawing time schedule is very advantageous and finish the lessons in time. Therefore, the parents and the teachers should compel the students to learn by drawing schedule.

Mostly, the own time of matriculation students are full with tuitions and guide teachers. They don’t have their own study time. This is the wrong way. They need their own study time. If they get more time to study themselves, they remember the lessons more. Moreover, if they have their own time, they can study the subject they want to. For example, if the tuition teachers and guide teachers compel to study Chemistry, but the student want to study Biology. Like that, students get in trouble. Therefore, students should have their own study time.

            In addition, parents also have to change their minds. Most Myanmar parents compel the students as they wish. After students passed matriculation examination, most parents of Myanmar students compel their sons (or) daughters to attend the major as the parents’ wishes. For example, if the son (or) daughter gets high marks in matriculation examination, they compel their children to attend the medicine or engineering. Most of Myanmar parents don’t ask their children’s ambition and what they want to attend. Some students get high marks but they don’t want to attend the high majors, they may want to attend musical major or dancing, so on. If the youths attend the major as they wish, they will be happy to do that work and they will be outstanding in their majors. So, this is the important part in education nowadays. Please ask your children’s dream and help to fulfill their dreams. 

            In conclusion, these are my opinions and advices that our citizens can try to change to develop in education sector. If we all try and the Government also provides the needs, the education sector will be perfect. But it will take time to change a thing. So, be patient. And Don’t covet the dignity. Please pay attention to your children’s dream. Also the youths must try hard in education. Please aim your goal. So, let’s try together to develop in education.

Author - Khine Thu Thu Zin


                                          People usually focus on a life story in which a very poor person becomes a successful one because of his/her hard work. These stories are marvelous and they also give you many life lessons. But, have you ever imagined how it would be to have a life that people call “a perfect one?”  People tend to think that a perfect is a life that has all the abilities or things they have ever wanted. The idea varies from one person to another. Some people describe it  as a life in which you are wealthy, charming, intelligent and strong ( physically and mentally ).

                                           This is a story of a teenage girl called Erica. She was the only daughter from a wealthy family. Her father, David, an outstanding business owner and her mother, Susan, a famous actress made a wealthy and loving family. Therefore, many people tend to say “they have such a perfect family”. Her parents loves her very much that she was like a treasure in her family. But the more she is treated like a treasure, the more she had to be like one.  Erica’s parents taught her everything, from good manners to piano lessons. Erica was a very talented, intelligent and well behaved young lady. Yet, some people who were jealous of Erica. It was because most of the people pays attention on her. Therefore, they competed her, from tests to her behaviors. People who loved Erica wanted her to compete against those people and show them that she was better because those people said many bad things about her and tried to spread bad rumors about her. But as for Erica, she didn’t want to do so. No matter how much she wanted to quit something she can’t because she was afraid that she would let down the hopes of the people who loved her. The people who loved her ended up giving the same pressure as the people who competed her.

                                        Erica was elected to be the student council president but she didn’t want to be but then again she continued to do the best that she can. After a long day Erica went back home thinking she wanted to take a rest. When Erica entered the living room her mom called her asking how her day was and she told her parents that she was elected for the student council president. “ I knew you’d win you are my lovely daughter” her father said to her. “ I have never been a student council president. I guess my darling is better than me” her mother complimented. Erica smiled brightly since her parents are very happy with what she did. When she told her parents that she’s going into her room her mother told her they were going to have a family dinner and to get ready after she took a rest.

                                     She got into her room and sat down on her chair. Her saw the photo that was on her desk. She took the photo and stared at it for a few moments and she whispered softly “stars”. The photo she held was a family photo which included her grandfather who passed away not long ago. In the old days when her parents had to go on business trips she stayed at her grandfather’s house. Although her grandmother was a very rude person who gambles a lot, her grandfather was a wise man who loved her very much. He taught Erica very much about life and also about stars. He loved stars and he called her “Orion”. He  told Erica “if someone doesn’t want you or if someone who will give you nothing but sadness is in your life do not hesitate to leave them”. Therefore ,she never went there after he was gone. After a while she took out a sketch book from her bag and sketched some flowers. She wanted to be an artist. She knew that making her dreams come true would be like chasing rainbows since she have to inherit her father’s company. In the end she considered her dreams as dreams that are not meant to be fulfilled.

                                     Suddenly her mother told her that they were going to the restaurant. She got out of the room and went into the living room with a cheerful face and a big smile and though how lucky she was to have such loving parents. But at the bottom of the sketched flowers she wrote “ behind the word perfect there are many things we had suffered. I think a perfect life is a life in which you can achieve your dreams without being afraid of what others might say because in the end the only thing that matters was happiness”.

Author - May Tharaphee Kyaw

Dialogue with Robert Winter

I had the pleasure of interviewing our Instructor, Robert Winter whom I would like to introduce and paint a vivid picture of how he will play a part in our vibrant institute.

Bob has been working in Myanmar for 14 years in the field of education, focusing mainly on the college level. He taught for six years in the Liberal Arts Program at the Myanmar Institute of Technology and helped set up the institution's English Department. After that, he worked with the Open University of Hong Kong to establish an Associate's Degree in Social Sciences for students in Myanmar. He was the program director and also taught courses in academic writing and presentation skills. More recently, he has been working as a consultant in higher education.

He joined Connect recently and will be teaching Academic Literacy (ENG 10) and Introduction to Literature (ENG 20). When asked what the students should expect from his literature class, he smiled and said it will be a survey course that covers modern poetry, the short stories and drama. He will emphasize on the works of R. Frost, Gwendolyn Brooks, E.E Cummings, George Orwell and several other writers.

Bob is an advocate of participatory learning and feels that students learn more when they figure out the meaning of a poem or short story by themselves. His teaching style is to act as a facilitator and not just give lectures. He will encourage the students to present their ideas in class and give writing assignments that he hopes students will find engaging. 

His message to students is for them to try and expand their world-views and see education as more than preparation for a career. He added that his favorite quote about teaching comes from his friend Spencer Benson, director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement at the University of Macau: "Teaching is leading students into a situation in which they can only escape by thinking."

He concluded by saying that he started to love learning and see the true value of it only when he got to college, and that he would like all of his students to see this as an opportunity to broaden their horizons by embracing new ideas and ways of thinking.

By Olive Too