At American University of Yangon we require students to attend at least three extracurricular activities so that students don’t solely focus on academics. Extracurricular activities teach students skills not learned in the classroom such as community awareness and participation, leadership and organizational skills, sportsmanship and creative talents and other necessary socialization skills that will encourage adaptability to life in the U.S. after American University of Yangon.


Music Club

The Music club offers an opportunity to keep the student’s passion for music alive. We provide an environment where students can learn from or collaborate with fellow music lovers and talented musicians. Our music room has wireless microphones, keyboard, guitars, a violin, tambourine and a cajon. Students of all levels of musical talents are welcome to join.

Volunteer/Fieldtrip Club

Every other week on Friday, students can go to a charity organization and sometimes do clean-up in some public areas. As volunteer/ fieldtrip club members, students learn about team work, friendship and also start to be more aware of the environment and people’s lives. Volunteer work is about helping people and the community. With Fieldtrips it is about becoming aware of your surroundings and building lifelong friendships.


Stretching, yoga and meditation can relax the body, mind and soul. The aim of this class is more flexibility, ability to manage stress, clearer thinking, improved body awareness, better sleep, make you happier overall, lose weight, improve balance and posture.

Social Club

The goal in this club is to create a committee that will organize and put together school social events such as end of year party, Halloween, Easter, Christmas. The students will have a budget and have to learn to work as a team and share responsibilities i.e. decorations, music, and food.

Chess Club

A chess club is a club formed for the purpose of playing the board game of chess. Chess clubs often provide for both informal and tournament games and sometimes offer league play. This club will be ran by our very own chess champion Aung Bo!

Public Speaking Club

Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? Then this is
the club for you; in a casual environment with your fellow students you will be able to
PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more of your ability to speak in front of a
crowd. We will also have motivational speakers from time to time.

Book Club

Share your passion for reading with your fellow classmates. A book club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc about the book. It is a fun way to hear different views on the book read.

Cooking Club

Explore the wonderful world of culinary. In this club we will start with the basics of boiling an egg, setting a table, and using a microwave. We will teach you how to make simple and healthy meals in a quick fashion. Knowledge is food for the mind; we will feed your stomach.