Assistant Executive Manager

Position 1
Assistant Executive Manager (Business Development and Research)

Position 2
Assistant Executive Manager (Management and Project Management)

Position 3
Assistant Executive Manager (HR and Talent Acquisition)

We are looking for candidates to work with the team of founding directors and fellow assistant executive managers in leadership, expansion and growth of the Idea University schools and organisation. The successful candidates who have worked for one year in the executive team have opportunity to be promoted to become senior management professionals in the Idea University organisations.


  • Innovate and grow the organisation

  • Discuss, research, and consolidate ideas and plans

  • Initiate, administer, and coordinate business development, expansion, management, and talent acquisition projects

  • Perform project operations together and on behalf of directors

  • Actively participate and contribute in meetings

  • Take note of and send meeting minutes

  • Compile and manage documents necessary for government applications and partner organisations and universities

  • Assist the founding directors

  • Help lead Human Resources projects and reform processes

  • Convey messages about visions, values, and projects to the staffs

  • Schedule, coordinate, and communicate team building activities, meetings and employee interviews

  • Interview candidates as part of the hiring team for relevant candidates

  • Any other related responsibilities and projects that arise


  • Entrepreneurial spirit, helicopter leadership skills, and inventor mindset

  • Collaborative leadership and team player

  • Professional humility, flexibility, and willingness to learn

  • Prudence, good communication and people skills

  • Openness, honesty, maturity and integrity

  • Ability to grow and change in various dimensions with our rapidly growing and changing organisations


  • Experience studying in the US or UK

  • Experience working minimum 2 years at least at the level of Assistant Manager

  • Experience working at a foreign company or studying abroad

  • A millennial

  • Strong administrative and organisational skills

  • High intelligence and ability to handle complexity

  • Interest in various kinds of industries in addition to education, finance, and banking industries

About American University of Yangon

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. ” — Albert Einstein

At Connect, we believe that ideas and people are the two most powerful elements of learning; connecting these can lead us to new worlds. A worthy education challenges the way we see things and enables us to better understand the world around us. Each and every one of us deserves a good education.

Connect University offers students an opportunity to earn certifiable course credits for a four-year U.S. undergraduate degree right here in Myanmar. The Freshman and Sophomore years of study take place in Yangon and are composed of a broad range of General Education courses required by and transferrable to U.S. universities.  Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the rigorous educational standards and student life of U.S. universities during the program.

Upon completion of the two years' courses at Connect, students choose their majors and finish their Junior and Senior years of study in the United States at one of our partner universities. Our courses are recognized and endorsed by our partner U.S. universities under the “International Studies Program” agreement, and the course credits comply with the U.S. educational standards. Please visit to learn more about Connect University and our academic programs.

Please send resume/CV to or call us at +959 77 9000 900 if you are interested in applying to
this position.