Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide an intellectual space for People to explore Ideas. We make an impact on humanity through our core values of Intelligence and Imagination.


Message from Founders


We know how you feel. We were in your shoes back in 2005. We finished high school and were figuring out what life would be like. We wanted to know how the college experience would enable us to see the world around us differently. For the next few years, you, as students, will embark on a very interesting and exciting journey — the journey to discover your own self and the world around you.

Connect is the place for those who like to explore the possibilities and wonders of themselves and the world’s. This is not a place for those who merely want a degree or diploma. You are not going to just learn a bunch of subjects over the next two years. You are, in fact, going to learn, how to learn for every single day of your life. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once said that you can only connect the dots looking backward and that you just have to trust that whatever comes your way will somehow and someday connect. We hope your two years at Connect will become meaningful dots in your future.

We hope your two years at Connect will become meaningful dots in your future.


Founders of Connect University, Ei Phyu Theint and Aung Phone Myint, are two Myanmar nationals who each attended Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S. Ei Phyu Theint, under a full scholarship, excelled in Mathematical Economics at Scripps College in California. During her second year in college, Ei Phyu Theint set up Connect Myanmar Organization, which later became Connect University, to promote educational and professional initiatives in Myanmar. Aung Phone Myint has the distinction of placing sixth on the 2005 country-wide matriculation examination. He was awarded a full scholarship to study Political Science and Economics at Bates College in Maine and was later awarded a fellowship in Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University. Reflecting on what they experienced on their own academic journey, they dreamed about designing a great learning environment connecting ideas and people. In 2014, Connect University was born.

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